10 Year Workmanship Guarantee

When we install STEEL trough with Duramax or Alu-Rex Hangers into a 2×6 Fascia Board or Rafters

We can guarantee our workmanship for 10 Years!
And the corners stay sealed!

You get the best gutter systems in the industry with Vic’s Eavestoughing

Cutting edge technology with the Doublepro™

The double membrane keeps debris from getting inside the gutter. The offset holes make it the perfect filter, allowing water to drain freely while blocking pine needles and leaves without ever getting clogged.

The suction created by the two membranes makes it possible to drain three times more water than ever recorded in the heaviest storms. The inner membrane draws water through the wider holes.

Rollback helps keep water in the gutter. The front rollback lip sends excess rain water back into the gutter for a truly high volume draining system.

Wintershield stops ice from building up and in the gutter, protecting it from warping caused by freeze/thaw cycles. That way, water flows through the gutter rather than into your home.


Supports up to 175 pounds per bracket.
Invisible from the ground.
30 year Manufacturer warranty
Perfectly Squared Shape

Basic concept in architecture, this shape allows an optimal distribution of the load towards its base. Gutters become extremely resistant and pressure on the screw is greatly reduced.

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Vic’s Eavestroughing is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Saskatchewan since 1983. Eunice and Kalen continue Vic’s great legacy of excellent customer service and a high standard of workmanship across the board. He has now passed, but his legacy lives on!